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Smart panels with telemanagement for streetlighing, roads and motorways, tunnels, sports facilities,...


Cabinet series



CITIGIS Software 

CITILUX - Cabinet telemanagement controller

CITIDIM and URLYS - Point to point control systems

Our consultants provide technical assistance, audit, energy management and training to municipal engineers and maintenance professionals

Smart City sets a modern, sustainable city that applies the latest technologies and systems to all the urban fabric.

Smartower Cabinets - Smart city panels are basic infrastructure for IoT urban sensors and actuators.

Our Panel Engineering Department  designs customized low voltage cabinets. Our experience and knowledge add value to our customers’ specifications and requirements


Citiport Pedestals - Supply electricity 16A to 125A, water, tv/data and telemanagement for marinas

Citiport Panels - Supply electricity 250A to 1250A, water, tv/data and telemanagement for ships and megayachts 


Smart Port

Telemanagement of electric facilities (pedestals, lighting, electric vehicle, panels) for commercial ports and marinas.

We focus on safety, energy savings and the environment protection

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