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Energy saving in Street Lighting

Street Lighting represents over 55% of all municipal energy consumption.

By using telemanagement systems and dimming systems, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, improving operation and maintenance and protecting the environment.

There are different techniques to reduce energy consumption: 


ARESTAT voltage stabilizers-dimmers.
They are installed in the Control Panel and can regulate the supply voltage of the light points controlling the light output in times of low use with inportantes energy savings.
This technology is compatible with discharge lamps and LED lamps regulated by the supply voltage .


CITIDIM - simplest solution for HID and LED

It is a system that allows programmation of lightpoints from the cabinet.

The Citilux terminal is able to set up to 10 dimming steps in ballasts and LED drivers.
There is no need for a control cable and has no distance limitation from the cabinet .
It is a one-way control - light points do not send information.

URLYS point-to-point control system .
It is an advanced control system that uses two-way communications between the Control Room and the lightpoints.

URLYS nodes are installed before ballasts and LED drivers with control 1-10V or DALI .

In installations with cabinet, information is sent using power line carrier (PLC) technologies such as Lonworks or KNX.
In installations without cabinet, information is sent by radio frequency (WiFi 2.4G and 868).






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