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Mission statement


Our missionis to offer excellence in all our products and services.


We are in control of all our industrial activities: research and development, marketing and sales, production and after sales service.


Quality is our aim: we only emply highly qualified personnel and invest strongly in creating and perfecting new products and services.


We apply ISO9001 and ISO14001 to all our activities.





Our products comply with EU regulation and are CE-mark compliant.

We hold the following trade marks:

EU trade marks:


Registered EU models:

AMI  cabinet Nº 1.941.972

CITI  cabinet Nº 147747

MONOLIT cabinet Nº 978903

MONOLIT DESIGN cabinet Nº 1.941.998

Utility EU models:

SMARTOWER Urban Control Tower

Nº 201001231 and Nº 201001232

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