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The Arelsa Group


Arelsa is a manufacturer of electrical panels, automatisation, telemanagement systems and smart city solutions.

Urban Solutions Area

It includes low-voltage electrical panels and smart city telemanagement systems.

Full solutions for smart streetlighting and smart port.

We also provide engineering service, eneergy consultancy and maintenance.

Industry Area

Manufacturers of distribution and automation of electrical panels for industry.

Car manufacturers, chemical plants, infrastructure (hospital, tunnels, hotels, etc.)

Arelsa Group

Two companies are part of Arelsa Group

 - ARELSA Armarios Eléctricos S.A. (manufacturer)

 - TESYSE Telegestión Sistemas y Servicios Energéticos S.L.

(engineering and consultancy)


Our headquarters are located in Lliçà de Vall, 20 km. (12.5 miles) from Barcelona, where we currently employ 50 people.

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