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Street Lighting Cabinets

Urban series




The Monolit® series is the new generation of cabinets for street lighting control that combine urban image, reliability and functionality.

Designed by a multidisciplinar team of engineers and architects, the Monolit is characterized by offering modern and elegant aesthetics without compromising the features and performance required in a street lighting cabinet. The cabinet hosts advanced technologies for telemanagement and energy savings. It has 2 or 4 publicity panels and with just a 0.27m2 surface it helps to maximize the use of urban space.



The Monolit family grows with three new design models: Oval, Delta and Elipse. True to the Monolit philosophy, the new cabinets stand out for their elegance, capacity and features, and unlike other cabinets, are conceived for big projects, boulevard and avenue make-overs or Smart City installations.


The Monolit Design development is structured around four basic points to guarantee top quality products: atractive design, compliance with technical characteristics, Regulation and the CE mark, safe housing of equipment and offering a wide range of municipal services.


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