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Citigis Smart software 


Citigis® is ARELSA’s software for unified telemanaging of all municipal services. It is composed by the following modules: GIS cartography, Inventory, Telecommand, Maintenance and Energy Management.


These blocks may be used independently or may be gradually integrated depending on the activities to execute.


The program has been developed in-house entirely by ARELSA’s software engineers and its architecture and features are constantly reviewed and updated, incorporating the latest technologies and functionalities.


Citigis® is a turn-key platform and it is delivered configurated according our clients’ instructions in order to guarantee its operability and security.


Main features:

  • Open platform, compatible with most common programming languages and communication protocols.

  • Integrates different cartography standards, including online maps.

  • Multiuser management with different access levels.

  • Very powerful document treatment (images, schemes, projects…).

  • Compatibility: it can import/export information from/to other systems.

  • Automated security back-up.


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