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Street Lighting Cabinets
Standard series


The CITI series was launched over 15 years ago with great success. Strong, sober and safe, it is a flexible cabinet with great capacity for hosting dimmer-stabilizers, telemanagement systems and multiple outputs.

The CITI are very versatile and grow by adding lateral modules in order to accommodate any installation. The most popular versions can host sectionalizing boxes, special indirect feeders, dimmer-stabilizers for over 45 kVA.



The AMI (Armario Modular Inoxidable or Stainless Modular Cabinet) is our newest street cabinet. A natural evolution of the CITI, it has been conceived to give an easy and unexpensive solution to low-voltage installations of up to 15 kW.

The AMI is designed to maximize performance: a design by pieces, a single configuration and the use of state of the art technology such as electronic dimmer-stabilizers allow to simplify manufacturing and reduce space and cost.


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